School dances

Fusion Sound and Lighting takes pride in having top student rated DJs. Each of our school dance DJs has over 100 school dances under there belt and knows how to get a bunch of kids jumping.

Sell more tickets

With over 7 years now of successful schools dances we understand the science behind a successful school dance. We have developed a proven promotional plan that increases ticket sales and builds excitement among students for the dance.


why a great dj is important

If you have a BAD DJ at your school dance it directly impacts the next dance. This cycle can really hurt a school in terms of ticket sales, which are used to fund future school activities. 

A GREAT DJ brings excitement among students for the next dance. Which will increase ticket sales, especially if the same DJ is used for the next dance. Continuing this GREAT DJ cycle dance after dance will also allow you to increase ticket prices and overall increase the funding that comes back to the school.


WHY we are Great DJs

Like mentioned above each of our DJs at FSL are well know by students for being among the best DJs they have ever had for a dance. This is because unlike most companies in our market FSL has a main focus in only doing School Dances. We stay up to date on all the new "hip" music and use the mic to energize the students at the dance.

Things that set us apart

  • Full insured!

  • Affordable (We want to work with your budget to make the numbers work)

  • All clean music

  • Music students actually want to hear

  • Next Level sound and light (Not your typical wedding DJ setup)

  • Custom made school dance hype video for promotions

  • Social media based promoting on Twitter and Instagram

  • Custom website page for students to submit song request and view the hype video

  • LED foam sticks

  • Custom designed setup that enhances your school dance theme

Contact us today to build a package that fits your schools needs.